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Self publishing has shaken up the book world, providing an unprecedented alternative for writers to self publish a book and get their work into the hands of readers. No longer do authors need to score that elusive traditional publishing contract. The doors have swung wide open for book publishing.

But is self publishing the right choice for you and your book? Here are 6 compelling benefits that make book publishing an empowering and rewarding path for many writers.

Self Publish A Book 

Reason 1: Creative Control and Independence

At the top of the self-publishing perk list is complete creative control. You decide what the cover looks like, choose perfect formatting, and craft marketing copy. Traditional publishers often have a strong vision for a book’s design and may diverge from an author’s desired direction. With self-publishing, your book can fully align with your artistic vision.

You also maintain independence over your work and publication schedule when you self publish a book. There’s no waiting months for acceptance or rejections. You can bring your book to market on your own timetable, without compromising your writing to fit a publisher’s demands.

Reason 2: Higher Royalty Rates and Earnings Potential

Successful authors can earn significantly more money from each book sale compared to royalties from traditional publishing contracts. While traditional royalties typically range from 10-15%, self-publishing platforms offer royalties from 40% to as high as 70% of each sale. Just imagine the profit difference per 1,000 books sold!

Over time, author earnings from a backlist of titles can greatly eclipse income from traditionally published books. Self-publishing puts the financial future of your writing career firmly in your hands.

Reason 3: Creative Freedom Across Genres and Topics

When you self publish a book , you choose your ideas and write in the genres you love. Traditional publishing houses adhere to guidelines for what topics or genres they accept. A literary fiction masterpiece might be seen as too risky. Or a collection of nature poetry could be turned down for lack of existing market evidence.

You’re free to experiment with imaginative mixes of genres and tackle niche topics. The possibilities are wide open when you self-publish. Follow your passion without creative constraints.

Reason 4: Direct Access to a Worldwide Audience

Digital self publishing platforms provide instant access to a global English-reading audience and worldwide distribution for your self published book. Your self published book can be available to anyone on the planet through ebook retailers and print-on-demand networks. This boundary-free market allows you to connect with your ideal international audience when you self publish a book.

Reason 5: Faster Publishing Timeline

The traditional publishing cycle can span 1-2 years from contract signing to bookstore shelves. But with self publishing, your published book could be live for sale within a couple months of finishing the manuscript. Some self-publishing platforms even allow publishing a book within a week.

This accelerated timeline allows you to publish more books and adapt faster to trends. Capitalize more quickly on timely topics while reader interest is high. Don’t let great ideas go stale waiting months on a publisher’s schedule.

Reason 6: Access to Data and Reader Insights

Self publishing platforms provide extensive sales data, reader analytics, and market insights. You can track daily or monthly sales to identify effective marketing tactics and react to market responses. Monitor reader reviews and engagement levels. Gain valuable intelligence through demographic data.

These metrics help guide your business strategies and future writing decisions when you self publish a book. With traditional publishing, authors never see this kind of granular data. But for self-publishers, data transparency is a powerful tool.


Self publishing isn’t the right fit for every author or book. But the potential advantages are compelling for authors who embrace the right approach when they self publish a book. As the self-publishing landscape continues maturing, the stigma has disappeared. Now readers focus on the quality of the books themselves

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