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For many aspiring authors, the idea of hiring a ghostwriter seems out of reach. The assumption is that quality ghostwriting comes with an exorbitant price tag only accessible to celebrities and public figures.

However, the truth is that affordable fiction ghostwriting services can be surprising if you know where to look. With the right ghostwriter, you can get your fiction book written for a reasonable rate.

This blog will break down the world of fiction ghostwriting and provide tips on finding affordable services to turn your story ideas into a polished manuscript, all without breaking the bank.

What is Fiction Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting refers to writers who are hired to author books, articles, stories or other texts that are officially credited to another person. The client provides the ideas, outlines, notes or creative direction, and the ghostwriter handles the writing and editing.

For fiction books, ghostwriters can be invaluable for crafting the entire narrative based on the author's concept and vision. Some reasons authors consider ghostwriters for their novels include:

  • Overcoming writer's block when one gets stuck on certain scenes or chapters.
  • Benefiting from the ghostwriter's skills to translate your vision into an engaging story.
  • Lacking the time to write the book yourself in a timely manner.
  • Wanting to take advantage of a ghostwriter's professional experience and publishing expertise.

While some worry that using a ghostwriter is inauthentic, the author remains the creator and owner of the story itself. The ghostwriter simply serves to shape it into an appealing book.

The Stigma Around Affordable Fiction Ghostwriting Services

There's a stigma that hiring a ghostwriter means you lack talent or are taking shortcuts. But in reality, many talented authors enlist ghostwriters to help execute their creative visions.

Affordable fiction ghostwriting services allow creators to focus on their strengths, like plotting the narrative or developing characters. The ghost writer handles the actual writing craft. They don't originate the ideas but make them shine through excellent writing execution.

Additionally, ghostwriters must adhere to strict ethical standards. Reputable ghostwriters will sign non-disclosure agreements and absolutely never plagiarize other works. You retain full copyright ownership over your book.

The Cost of Affordable Fiction Ghostwriting Services

The rates for ghostwriting span a wide range depending on the ghostwriter's experience level and the project details. At the high end, some celebrity ghostwriters charge over $100,000. However, amateur ghostwriters often charge just $15 to $50 per hour.

On average, fiction ghostwriting costs around $60 - $100 per hour. A full-length novel could cost $15,000 to $30,000 or more. Shorter novellas around $5,000 to $10,000.

Factors Impacting Cost Include:

  • Experience of the ghostwriter - The more professional, the higher rates.
  • Length of the book - The longer the word count, the pricier it gets.
  • Deadline timeframe - Rush orders cost more.
  • Complexity and research required - More complex books require more time and work.
  • Editing needs - Extensive editing will increase the costs.

While these prices may seem high, quality writing does come at a cost. However, there are ways to find affordable options if you're on a tight budget.

Benefits of Choosing Affordable Fiction Ghostwriting Services

The good news is you don't need a celebrity-sized bank account to hire a ghostwriter. Here are some benefits of choosing affordable fiction ghostwriting services for your book:

  • Get your story written even if funds are limited. Don't let budget constraints stop you from becoming a published author.
  • Faster turnaround times since amateur ghostwriters may have more availability.
  • Gain access to a wider range of writing styles and voices. Talented yet affordable ghostwriters allow you to find the perfect match for your book's tone.
  • Provides a complete manuscript you can then self-edit or polish further. Doing the entire book yourself takes substantially more time and effort.

Tips for Finding Affordable Fiction Ghostwriting Services

If you're committed to keeping ghostwriting costs low, here are some tips to find affordable services:

Set Clear Objectives

Know exactly what you want the ghostwriter to deliver, such as:

  • Word count and writing style desired
  • Overall storyline, plot points, and characters fleshed out
  • Deadline timeframe

This clarity allows ghostwriters to accurately estimate costs and speeds up the process.

Research and Gather Recommendations

Hire Affordable fiction ghostwriting services like Book Writing Cube to find ghostwriters offering competitive rates. These provide transparent pricing and reviews.

Join writer forums or Facebook groups to get recommendations from fellow authors on affordable options they've used.

Review Portfolios and Samples

When researching ghostwriters, carefully review samples of their work for tone, style, grammar, and quality. Their portfolio should showcase fiction similar to your project.

Ask to see an excerpt they've written if possible. This helps determine if they're the right fit before spending money.

Communicate and Negotiate

Be upfront about your budget constraints from the very start. Many ghostwriters are willing to negotiate rates or payment installment plans. Just communicate clearly and respectfully.

Additional Costs to Factor In

When budgeting for your book, remember that ghostwriting is just one cost. You'll also need to factor in:

  • Hiring an editor for extensive developmental and line editing.
  • Cover design and interior formatting for print and ebook publishing.
  • Potential marketing costs when it's time to launch.

Ideally, save around $5,000 - $7,000+ to account for these other costs after ghostwriting.

Key Takeaways

While hiring a famous ghostwriter with decades of experience costs a fortune, undiscovered yet talented writers can be found for a fraction of the price.

Remember to be clear in your needs, vet candidates thoroughly, build in editorial support, and compromise on rushed timelines if required. Pay for quality where it matters most, but don't overspend simply for a famous name. Affordable fiction ghostwriting services can make ghostwriting for fiction cost-effective if you search for affordable providers. Trust your vision and find the right partner and your book will come to life for a reasonable investment. Just be sure to always value your ghostwriter and acknowledge their role in making your book a reality.

The resources are out there to avoid going off budget. So hire Book Writing Cube and start connecting with ghostwriters to breathe life into your books today. Call us now!

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