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Achieving publishing can be challenging due to traditional publishing houses' difficulties. Amazon has revolutionized the publishing industry, offering affordable and accessible options for aspiring authors. Amazon publishing services New York City offer various options for self-publishing. This article focuses on seven of the best affordable Amazon publishing services in New York City to help authors find the right one to achieve their goals.

Let's explore online platforms that simplify book publishing without the need for a traditional publisher.

Book Writing Cube:

Book Wriging Cube

Book Writing Cube is a company that specializes in writing, editing, and publishing books. They have grown from just a platform to an office, employing a team of writers, editors, publishers, and designers. They have formed partnerships with renowned publishers, experienced editors, and skilled marketers, enabling them to help many authors and achieve their founder's dream.

Avail the comprehensive and affordable Amazon Publishing Services New York City offered by Book Writing Cube.

Book Writing Experts:

Book Wriging Experts

Book Writing Experts is a user-friendly and affordable book publishing company suitable for new authors. Once authors publish a book through Book Writing Experts, the book can be sold on various self publishing platforms, and at an affordable cost. The expert team of Book Writing Experts is ready to provide guidance and assistance throughout the publishing journey.


MagCloud simplifies the publishing process by offering both digital and print options, allowing books to be published and delivered in just three days. It also allows authors to connect with their readers and send updates, like newsletters, eliminating the need to switch to another service. MagCloud ensures cross-platform compatibility for readers on iPad, Kindle, or smartphone, making it an excellent choice for those into magazines, photography, design, or illustration.


Smashwords is a popular platform with over 18,000 writers, offering 85% of sales to authors and publishers. It distributes books to major retailers like Barnes & Noble and Apple's iBook store.


Lulu offers three packages for publishing stories, simplifying the process from formatting and design to editorial reviews and distribution. They provide content, with packages starting at an affordable cost. Lulu also allows book registration for partner book fairs, attracting buyers, marketers, librarians, and agents. The platform also helps find reviewers and offers professional consultations. All packages aim to save time and money for authors.


CreateSpace is a platform for authors, musicians, and filmmakers that handles content submission and delivery, allowing users to choose between electronic (eBook, MP3, video) and physical formats (print, CD, DVD). CreateSpace also offers registration for partner book fairs, allowing authors to display their books and attract buyers, marketers, librarians, and agents. This versatile platform allows users to grow their earnings while managing their content.


Unbound is a unique publishing platform designed for confident writers who want to pitch their ideas without writing the entire book upfront. If enough people support the idea, the writer can start writing. The platform works with established authors or newcomers with a literary agent.

Key Takeaways

For aspiring authors who are looking to publish their work on Amazon, New York City offers a variety of affordable and reliable services to choose from. By taking advantage of these services, authors can focus on their craft without having to worry about the complicated process of publishing and marketing their books. From editing and formatting to cover design and promotion, these Amazon publishing services New York City offer a one-stop-shop for all your publishing needs. With the right support and guidance, you can turn your dream of becoming a published author into a reality. So do not wait any longer and start exploring these affordable Amazon publishing services in New York City today!

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